Sustainability report for 2023 is published



The sustainability report provides a comprehensive overview on the topic at DevCo by describing our approach to sustainability, illustrating how we work with our companies, and providing insights into their own sustainability work. We also open up our recently updated sustainability strategy, its focus areas, and our ongoing initiatives in advancing sustainability as a core pillar of DevCo’s operating model.  

"Since inception, sustainability has been an integral part of our unique operating model where the key elements are focused investment activity, hands-on value creation and long-term ownership. With our long-term approach we aim at building better businesses in a sustainable way. We are very proud of being able to say that all DevCo companies participate in solving important global challenges. This report reflects our dedication to transparency and accountability and our aim is to continue reporting on our sustainability work annually."

says Heli Leskinen, CFO and Responsible for Sustainability.

We hope you enjoy reading this report and are always up for a chat when it comes to sustainability matters!

DevCo in brief
DevCo is a long-term oriented active owner and development partner dedicated to building world-leading companies in selected niche markets. DevCo provides its companies with hands-on operational resources, strategic support and significant financial resources to support step changes in their performance. DevCo is currently a significant owner of three global niche leaders, Vexve, Medix Biochemica, and Bluefors.