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Jonas Geust

Board of Directors

Kimmo Alkio (Chairperson)
Lauri Stadigh (Vice Chair)
Rob Blaauwgeers
Vanechka Patel
Juha Räisänen
Pieter Vorselman

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Employees (2023)


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What is Bluefors?

Bluefors was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Bluefors manufactures cryogen-free ultra-low temperature systems which are used, for example, in the development of quantum computers and fundamental research. Already today, Bluefors is the preferred choice for ultra-low temperature requirements at universities, research institutes, and corporations globally. In 2023, Bluefors had revenue of EUR 206 million with exports accounting for over 90% of revenue. Bluefors has c. 599 employees in Finland, the US, the Netherlands, Germany and Japan.

Why did we invest in Bluefors?

Cryogenic measurement systems are critical products used in the field of quantum technology and fundamental physics research. Bluefors’ easy-to-operate systems combined with focus on quality and customer service have allowed the company to gain a strong position where ultra-low temperature systems are needed. Bluefors plays a critical role in advancing research and development efforts of its customers and is well-positioned for significant growth in the future. 

Impact on society

Bluefors is here to enable the quantum technology breakthrough, to support scientists and industries to go further, to allow new innovations, and to have a positive impact on the broader global community.

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