Bluefors’ technology featured on the cover of TIME magazine



Some of the coolest technology in the world is produced in Finland!

Check out the 13 February 2023 issue of TIME magazine which discusses the opportunities and risks related to the quantum revolution. On the cover, you will find a XLD dilution refrigerator designed and manufactured by Bluefors.

You can read the article from the following link:

Bluefors in brief
Bluefors was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Bluefors manufactures cryogen-free ultra-low temperature systems which are used, for example, in the development of quantum computers and fundamental research. Already today, Bluefors is the preferred choice for ultra-low temperature requirements at universities, research institutes, and corporations globally.

DevCo Partners in brief
DevCo is a long-term oriented active owner and development partner dedicated to building world-leading companies in selected niche markets. DevCo provides its companies with hands-on operational resources, strategic support and significant financial resources to support step changes in their performance. DevCo is currently a significant owner of three global niche leaders, Vexve Armatury Group, Medix Biochemica, and Bluefors.