Investment year: 2018
Revenue: EUR 20 million (2017 estimate)
Personnel: Ca. 100 (2017)

01.02.2018 – DevCo Partners to accelerate growth of Medix Biochemica

Medix Biochemica is a leading manufacturer of bioreagents for the global IVD industry. In addition, it offers diagnostic tests specifically designed for the women’s health sector.

Medix Biochemica was founded in 1985 and it has offices and facilities in Espoo, Joensuu and Shanghai. The company has been one of the pioneers in its sector since its founding, and it has achieved its current strong position as a result of its high-quality products, significant investments in R&D and first-class employees.

Investment year: 2016
Revenue: EUR 48 million (2017)
Personnel: c. 180 (2017)

30.06.2016 – DevCo Partners to accelerate growth of Vexve

Based in Sastamala, Finland, Vexve is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality valves specifically developed for the most demanding district heating and district cooling applications. Vexve’s valves are additionally used in buildings for various heating and cooling applications (HVAC/R) as well as Oil and Gas piping systems.

The company’s products help secure heating and comfort for hundreds of millions of homes worldwide. The Company was founded in 1960 and its products, manufactured in Sastamala and Laitila, are exported annually to over 30 countries. Vexve is known for high-quality products, rapid delivery and superior customer service as well as its expertise in energy and environment.