DevCo in brief

DevCo is an investment company which aims to support medium-sized Nordic companies to grow, together with existing stakeholders.

We focus on individual investments into medium-sized companies with considerable growth and international potential, which typically have revenues of €50 to €500 million. Contrary to the traditional fund model, we focus only on a limited number of companies, which enables us to provide operational support for their sustainable long-term development.

DevCo strives to be an active owner and offers:

  • Operational support to initiate and implement well-defined development programs
  • Best-in-class individuals on the Board
  • Long-term financial resources to support future growth

DevCo is a Finnish limited company and is backed by strong anchor investors with a long ownership horizon.

DevCo´s value creation approach

Develop / refine the company’s long-term vision together with management and board

Define 3-5 development programs to build a sustainable competitive advantage

Provide additional operational resources to initiate and implement the development programs

Re-assess the key development programs every 2-3 years